wptwts posterStoryline: While making an apocalyptic film about two lovers ending the world, Adrian and Duru get lost in the characters they play and embark on a secret mission to end the world for real.

Genres: Hybrid, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi, Dark Romance, Psychological Thriller, Metaphysical Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Antihero, Mockumentary, Mumblecore, Found Footage, Meta-cinema, Psychotronic, Docu-fiction.

Update #12 (January 2021): We’re still in post-production, the details continue to evolve and we might return to shooting more scenes or even crowdsource some moments, giving fans full creative control to shoot found footage scenes which might end up in the final movie (and those that won’t will still be included as extras on the DVD and/or Blu-ray release).

Update #11 (February 2020): We Put the World to Sleep is going to be the second movie in Adrian Țofei‘s meta-cinema trilogy which will also include Be My Cat: A Film for Anne and Dr. Frankenstein. Adrian will then re-edit all three films (which have intertwined universes & characters) into one single ultra-realistic, meta & metaphysical movie. Support this ambitious project on Patreon.com/AdrianTofei and get exclusive rewards:become_a_patron_button

Update #10 (January 24, 2020): The biggest film site in Europe, Cineuropa, published an exclusive article about We Put the World to Sleep! Check it out for exclusive new info about the movie and Adrian Țofei’s method, the way he shot the film and how he plans to complete it: Adrian Țofei in post-production with apocalyptic indie flick We Put the World to Sleep

Update #9 (January 18, 2020): An important film festival in the US expressed interest in negotiating the world premiere of We Put the World to Sleep! It’s the second festival expressing early interest in the movie (a top European fest emailed us twice a couple of years ago). We’re going to be featured shortly in a top European film publication as well! And also in a catalogue of upcoming Romanian films which will be presented at the Berlin Film Market, and later in Cannes! So things are good! We’re moving in the right direction!

Update #8 (November 11, 2019): We finished shooting a couple of days ago, on November 7th! Over 90 hours of footage shot in 4 months (starting July 3rd) in 12 cities and villages from Romania, Turkey and Ukraine (plus the US via Skype!), and that’s without counting the pre-recordings we did in the last years while developing the project, which might also end up in the final cut! Now we’re about to begin a long process of editing, and once we have a teaser trailer we’ll launch a new crowdfunding campaign to be able to submit the movie to top festivals! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us so far! 

Duru Yucel-Tofei and Adrian Tofei in We Put the World to Sleep
Still of Duru Yucel-Tofei and Adrian Tofei in We Put the World to Sleep

Update #7 (August 6th, 2019): We shot for about two weeks in Romania and now we’re back in Turkey, getting ready for another important scene. We also received an extra investment to finish shooting, and for the rest of expenses (editing, festivals) we plan to make a new crowdfunding campaign as soon as we have a trailer.

Update #6 (July 6th, 2019): We have a new contributor: Luan da Silva Garibaldi! So now we only need $2,665 more to finish shooting the movie the way we want! 

Update #5 (July 5th, 2019): Screen captures from the first two days of shootings:

Update #4 (June 22, 2019): We’re in Ceșme (Izmir, Turkey), a bit late on filming, doing the last technical preparations, with the goal to start shooting either this evening or tomorrow morning. We will continue to accept the so-much-needed donations and investments for the entire duration of production and post-production. Your support is essential!

Update #3 (May 22, 2019): We start shooting on June 16th. There’s very little time left to raise the full budget, so we did some changes to be able to shoot with even less than planned. But it’s crucial that we get more money, otherwise we might be forced to stop in the middle of shootings. Please check this site and support the project anyway you can, via investments, donations or sharing. Thank you so much!

Update #2 (May 7, 2019): We just got a new $335 contribution from Mladen Adamovic (the creator of Numbeo), so now we need $4,165 more to shoot the movie. Please share!

Update #1 (March 26, 2019): We just got a new $500 contribution from Jacob Hair and he became our new Associate Producer! So now we need $4,500 more to shoot the movie! Please share!

Update #0: After a prolonged hiatus due to various reasons (con-artist Andrea Corbella being the main one), we finally managed to restart pre-production and this time for good, with a highly improved concept and a mind-blowing ending for the movie. We’re getting ready to shoot this spring (June 2019), but we need at least $5,000 extra budget because of all the extra expenses. You can support the project by donating in exchange for producer and thanks credits (onscreen and on IMDb).