Adrian Țofei

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We Put the World to Sleep: Director / Producer / Writer (original concept) / Supporting Actor

adrian tofei tiff be my cat a film for anne

Adrian Țofei was born on July 20, 1987 in Rădăuți, Romania. His mother, Dorina Țofei, supported him watching movies from an early age, and later, in adolescence, Adrian started spending hours each day researching film history as a hobby. He also took acting lessons, performed in high school plays and in 2007 went on to study Ion Cojar‘s acting method at Lower Danube University of Galați, then continued in 2010 with a master’s degree in acting at Spiru Haret University of Bucharest. During 2008-2012, Adrian also directed, produced, wrote and performed in various plays, most notably The Monster, a one-man-show which was selected to numerous theatre festivals.

At the end of 2012, inspired by the success of his one-man-show and a connection he made between Cojar’s method and the found footage concept, Adrian Țofei plunged into filmmaking and film acting as the director, producer, writer (concept) and star of Romania’s first found footage horror feature film, Be My Cat: A Film for Anne. The movie premiered at the 2015 Fantasporto International Film Festival in Portugal and went on to win numerous awards and critical acclaim, including Best Film at the 2015 A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney and Best Actor for Adrian at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival. It was called “terrifying” and “a modern Peeping Tom” by Austin Chronicle, “potentially revolutionary and dangerous” by Dread Central, a “disturbing found footage masterpiece” by 28DLA and “the most revolutionary found footage film since The Blair Witch Project” by ANOH. It was also included in Dread Central’s Top 5 Best Horror Movies of 2016, Blumhouse’s Top 5 New Intelligent Found Footage Films You Need to See and Audiences Everywhere’s Top 50 Best Horror Movies of the 2000s. Adrian’s acting performance has been described by critics as “incredibleexceptionally strong“, “authentic“, “excellent throughout“, “complex”, “powerfully convincing and “frighteningly natural. Artsploitation said that he did the most believable movie psychopath since Norman Bates.

Adrian Țofei has been married to actress and screenwriter Duru Yücel Țofei since January 22, 2017. He is currently developing We Put the World to Sleep and the upcoming female antihero thriller drama Good Girl.

Erisse Peterson

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We Put the World to Sleep: Lead Actress (playing Erika) (improvised audition below)

Erisse Peterson was born on March 7th, 1993 in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA. She got her start in acting at an early age, after her family relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1996. As a child actor, Erisse was represented by Bob Feldman (father of actor Corey Feldman) and studied ballet, tap and jazz dance.

Later, Erisse Peterson attended Mississippi School of the Arts, the state’s only residential arts high school. She intensively studied theatre arts under her instructors, Dr. Robert Brooks and Tammy Stanford, and performed in numerous stage plays. She also developed a passion for all aspects of film, including directing and film scoring. During 2011-2013, Erisse attended Mississippi State University, where she studied Philosophy & Religion.

Erisse Peterson joined We Put the World to Sleep in 2015, when the project was called I Put the World to Sleep, after winning the international casting call (check out her improvised audition above). She recently ventured into music as well, releasing her first EP, Somethingmissing, under the stage name Planes.

Duru Yücel Țofei

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We Put the World to Sleep: Lead Actress (playing Deniz)

duru yucel tofei

Duru Yücel Țofei was born on July 16th, 1986 in Izmir, Turkey. A very expressive child, she always had a playful existence which later proved itself when she sang in front of the whole class in primary school and staged impressions of all her teachers during secondary school. She studied theatre for a year when she was 10, which led to her playing two different characters in the play that was staged at the end of the year. From that moment on, she came to know very clearly the fact that she wanted to be an actress.

Having inherited her mother’s talent in languages, Duru also developed a similar interest and chose to study English-Turkish Interpretation and Translation in college. But her biggest passion never stopped haunting her, and following the university years, in order to have an acting training and bigger opportunities, she moved from Izmir to Istanbul and enrolled at The Studio Players, where she received three years of acting and art education under Şahika Tekand and Esat Tekand. In 2014, she performed multiple times in the play named Becoming A Rhinoceros 2.014 with The Studio Players. During 2012-2017, Duru also acted in various TV series, commercials, and a short movie which traveled to Cannes. She is currently preparing for her role in We Put the World to Sleep and also co-writing the script for the female antihero thriller drama Good Girl.

Duru likes singing, especially jazz, and has a demo she handed out just to her family and friends. Swimming, yoga, spending time in nature, learning about the ways of the world and what’s happening in it, learning about the causes she might have the privilege to support, the topics of spirituality, health, science, history and architecture are among her interests.

Jay Sorensen

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We Put the World to Sleep: Associate Producer

jay sorensen

Jay Sorensen has been a horror movie fan since childhood. A U.S. Foreign Service Officer, she is especially interested in international contributions to the genre. She is an avid supporter of indie films and first became a producer in 2011. She once appeared in a Crazy Frog / Jamba commercial and was an extra in Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth.

Danha Yunes

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We Put the World to Sleep: Associate Producer

danha yunes

Danha Yunes studied acting for film and TV at Stella Adler Studio of Acting and New York Film Academy.