Production Insights

We shot “We Put the World to Sleep” over a period of 5 years (7 years with pre & post-production) in 13 cities, villages and remote locations across Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. It’s by far the most difficult and ambitious project we ever did, facing numerous challenges over the years.

We had a diverse cast coming from the 3 production countries (Romania, Turkey, United States), and the filmmaking method was based on creating an alternative psychological reality for the actors, partially living in characters all these years. The script mostly consisted of plot points. We shot about 200 hours of footage guerrilla style, then Adrian Țofei watched the footage like a documentary filmmaker would and created the details of the story in post-production.

The multiple film-within-a-film meta layers coupled with a screenlife approach and naturalistic acting are meant blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not, resulting in what we hope to be a mind-bending and challenging movie that would impact audiences in unpredictable ways.

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