Q1: I’m afraid that the movie will be used by homophobes and racists to justify their agenda against the LGBTQ+ and black community. What are you going to do to prevent this?

A1: We’ll do the movie in a way so that it cannot be used by the far-right to accuse the LGBTQ+ or the black community of being violent. The characters are idealistic and non-violent, their goal is positive, venturing on a metaphysical quest for ending world’s pain.

Q2: I’m concerned that a male director might portray lesbians and feminism in a wrong way, far from women’s reality. What do you have to say about this?

A2: Adrian Țofei is determined to not portray any lesbian stereotypes. Two women fall in love the same way two men fall in love the same way a woman and a man fall in love. He’s also determined to not give the characters aggressive, war-oriented attributes. On the contrary – sensitivity, affection, care, vulnerability – the things that make us all wonderful.

Q3: How are you going to do this movie without a script? Why don’t you write one?

A3: For authenticity, Adrian Țofei plans to do the movie based on controlled improvisation, just like he did his first feature, the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Be My Cat: A Film for Anne. Because no writer can 100% imagine how an event or discussion evolves in real life, without putting himself in that situation. And also the actors would know in advance what will happen and what they have to say, they won’t discover everything during filming, limiting the naturalness. We don’t want just good acting, we want audiences to be blown away by the authenticity, to say “wow, are you sure this is just a movie? it looks so real!“.

Q4: What do you want to achieve with this movie?

A4: This movie has to shake the word. A world that is too comfortable in accepting the status-quo of discrimination, inequality, intolerance, speciesism, nationalism, pain, suffering, violence, abuse, irrational thinking, hypocrisy, corruption, greed, ignorance and so many other problems. The list never ends. And most likely it never will, since us as a species evolved via conflict/natural selection. We have it on our DNA. The capitalistic system is based on it. We cannot even enjoy a movie or a story that has no conflict.

So we put together two women as the leads (the world loves male superiority), with different skin colors (the world loves white supremacy), different nationalities (the world loves nationalism), we make their characters lovers (the world loves heterosexuality only), we give them principles and ideals (the world loves messy thinking), and we make them save the world from its miserable existence by bringing everything to an end! (the world loves fighting for survival – the survival of the fittest and the crushing of the vulnerable)

We Put the World to Sleep has to premiere in one of the world’s top film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, TIFF, Venice, Berlin, Telluride, SXSW, Tribeca), secure a top distributor, travel the festival circuit and enter movie theaters around the world. That’s the only way it can make a difference.