Great news! Moving in the right direction!

An important film festival in the US expressed interest in negotiating the world premiere of We Put the World to Sleep! It’s the second festival expressing early interest in the movie! (a top European fest emailed me twice a couple of years ago)

We’re going to be featured shortly in a top European film publication as well! And also in a catalogue of upcoming Romanian films which will be presented at the Berlin Film Market, and later in Cannes!

So things are good! We’re moving in the right direction!

By the way, an advice for indie filmmakers: promote your project as much as possible in advance, even before shooting the film! These invites I got didn’t come out of nowhere, they’re the result of the recent wave of news in different indie publications, and the news also didn’t come just because of my Facebook posts, I’ve sent press releases to tens of publications! Publicity is the key!