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Hi, everyone! I’m currently working on an ambitious meta-cinema trilogy made of “Be My Cat: A Film for Anne“, “We Put the World to Sleep” & “Dr. Frankenstein“, and then I’ll be re-editing all three films (which have intertwined universes & characters) into one single ultra-realistic, meta & metaphysical movie.


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My filmmaking method consists of working for months on an alternative psychological reality for the actors including myself, partially living in character, so that when we start improvising, I mainly need to record the unfolding events and to make sure the improvisation goes in the right direction. There is no script, only plot points. I shoot tens of hours of footage guerrilla style and then I watch the footage like a documentary filmmaker would and I create the details of the story in post-production during a long editing process. This method of filmmaking leads to incredibly creative and realistic results in terms of both acting and storytelling, but it’s impossible to work in the system this way. Since there’s no script, I have no traditional ways to convince investors and production companies to finance my films, other than the success of my previous works. Therefore I rely on your support: the people who appreciate my films and trust my method.


I usually do crowdfunding campaigns to raise the movies’ budgets, but those are not designed to support me during all the months of continuous development and editing processes. I usually work 12 hours a day and there’s no way for me to have another paid job, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to finish my films. I’m currently about to start editing We Put the World to Sleep, it’s going to last months, during which I also need to promote it and to develop my third movie, Dr. Frankenstein. So I decided to join Patreon and ask for your monthly support to be able to successfully continue all my projects.


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