Wonderful Days!

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Celebrating my birthday with an exclusive live Q&A together with all of you, my Patrons, top fans and supporters, was the best thing ever! Thanks a lot, everyone who attended! If you missed it, you can always watch the replay: https://youtu.be/utOth_QvwCA

Thank you so much as well to all of you who became my Patrons in the last couple of days, my Patreon jumped from $150/month to almost $230/month overnight, such a nice surprise and lovely support! Literally $20 short of my next $250 goal that would cover half of the urgent expenses related to my film projects!

I also plan to do more live exclusive videos in the following days & weeks! I’m considering various themes from general AMA (Ask Me Anything) to personal life, stories from my childhood, secrets, what I think of your favourite films, to more in-depth professional stuff for those of you into filmmaking & acting.

And by the way, since good news never come alone, haha, I’ve just been invited to do a celebrity AMA (Ask Me Anything) live session on Reddit Horror! So exciting! Big horror names like Clive Barker, Greg Nicotero or Radio Silence did AMAs in the past. A great opportunity to connect with over 2 million horror fans on Reddit! The AMA will be posted on https://www.reddit.com/r/horror/ at 12 Midnight EDT US time Friday-going-to-Saturday, when everybody will be able to post questions and I’ll answer live (no video this time, just text-based, that’s how Reddit works).

Adrian Țofei