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As the festival cut for We Put the World to Sleep should be ready by the end of August, we’ll have to lock the credits, so if any of you would like to receive official thanks or producer credits on screen/IMDb, now’s the time to do so.

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New Poster!

Check out our new official poster! The team also grew bigger with passionate filmmaker Thomas Burke, who’s now in charge of bringing to life an essential screenlife segment in the movie. We expect to have a first cut and a first teaser trailer ready by the end of this summer, aiming and praying for a premiere at Sundance, SXSW, Berlinale or Cannes in early 2023.

new wptwts poster


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Live Q&A TODAY with creator/star Adrian Țofei

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He’ll be connecting live with you all, answering questions about We Put the World to Sleep, his first movie Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, his other projects & more!

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Latest updates!

Update #24 (June 16, 2021): We Put the World to Sleep‘s team grew bigger! Eli Griffen is our new executive producer, Marcel (anonymous), Brian Trevor Jones, Mine Yücel & Haydar Yücel are our new associate producers, and Thomas (anonymous), Denis Ariel & Radu-Andrei Horghidan are our new Patreon producers! Check out the full cast & crew on the official site and IMDb! Anyone can join the team by supporting the movie via, or bank account. If interested in contributing, please contact us for details. Multiple other cool perks await you!

Update #23 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “We’ve just finished shooting the last scenes in We Put the World to Sleep. Duru was magnificent! Incredible performance! And I have no words to describe what we shot without spoiling it. We deviated from the script during a super long sustained impro of over 17 hours (began at 11am, ended at 5am next day). This weekend we might still shoot some extra scenes, and on Monday I begin editing!

Update #22 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “Both Duru and I are genuinely creeped out about a certain room we arranged in a certain way for We Put the World to Sleep. When I was in character the past days, I loved being inside. But today I took a break and it gives me creeps just when passing in front of the door. As preparation for the role, I was thinking that I’d have to sleep inside for a couple of nights. But one was more than enough to get into the character! I’m warning you, I won’t be responsible if anything happens to you as a result of watching this movie when available.