A Change in Concept

Due to concerns from the LGBT and feminist communities, and also because of budgetary constraints and creative reasons, I’ve decided to drop the LGBT and feminist elements from We Put the World to Sleep‘s concept. The three main characters in the movie embark on a mission to bring everything to an end. During improvisations, we would have to be extremely careful to not portray the gays and the feminists as destructive, which would paralyze the creative process and wouldn’t allow us to go fully psycho and do a really dangerous movie. So, the best solution is to remove the LGBT and feminist elements from the concept to not risk harming those communities, and focus on the apocalyptic goal with no restraints to deliver the shock waves.

If you want to invest in the movie, be credited as associate or executive producer and join the team at all the international film festivals, check out the investment page and contact me: weputtheworldtosleep.com/invest

All the best,

Adrian Țofei