We’re in Post-production!


Duru Yucel-Tofei and Adrian Tofei in We Put the World to Sleep
Still of Duru Yucel-Tofei and Adrian Tofei in We Put the World to Sleep

We finished filming We Put the World to Sleep in November 2019. Over 90 hours of footage shot in 4 months (starting July 3rd) in 11 cities and villages from Romania, Turkey and Ukraine (plus the US via Skype!), and that’s without counting the pre-recordings we did all these years while developing the project, which might also end up in the final cut!

Now we’re about to begin a long process of editing, and once we have a teaser trailer we’ll launch a new crowdfunding campaign to be able to submit the movie to top festivals!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us so far:

Stars Duru Yücel-Țofei, Andreea Enciu & Danha Yunes

Executive Producers Jay Sorensen, Danha Yunes, Brandon Hart & Ricky Chen

Associate Producers Duru Yücel-Țofei, Sarp Onat Yücel, Naomi Goff & Jacob Hair

Very Special Thanks to Erisse Peterson, Ben MacCormack, Mladen Adamovic, Luan da Silva Garibaldi, Mine Yücel, Haydar Yücel, Dorina Țofei, Dragoș Toma

Special Thanks to Bob Akins, Mario Allegranzi, Diana Arostegui, Jim Mitchell, Jaime Pérez, Özgün Çalış, Alice Rusiecki

Thanks to Alice Field, Timothée Hochet, Tanya Mills, Donald Perrin, Alex Short, Enzo Tedeschi, Matthew Vaughan, Ursula Dabrowsky

(you can all find your credits on IMDb and on the official site as well)