The Latest Updates!

Update #21 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “Yesterday with the help of Duru I got inspired and came up with a very cool beginning and ending for We Put the World to Sleep! I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I had before and now I am. 😎 One day of shootings left, can’t wait to begin editing the film!

Update #20 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “About to wrap shootings for today. Remember I was saying yesterday I did the creepiest thing ever? Well, today I’ve outran my own record. And there are still a couple of days of shootings left where things will get even creepier! You’re in for a real treat in We Put the World to Sleep.

Update #19 via Adrian Țofei on Facebook: “The set design I finished today for the last scenes in We Put the World to Sleep is probably the creepiest thing I ever did. Was planning to also finish shooting today, but the set design took all my energy. I did shoot though one good moment which might end up in the final cut. Will resume tomorrow!

Update #18 (May 25, 2021): Adrian Țofei has put together and published on his website a super comprehensive festival strategy for the movie! That’s an essential step forward for the production. Over 250 great festivals on the horizon!